A beautiful sight of bluish green foliage. One of the most popular evergreens. Grows to 50-75' by 25' wide. Average growth is about 1' per year. (Zones 2-8)

Excellent for establishing a privacy screen or windbreak. Average growth is about 2' per year when young. Grows to 50-75' by 25' wide. Color is a bright green when young turning to dark green. (Zones 2-8)

This spruce is very adaptable and is commonly used as a windbreak or hedge. It grows best in moist soils and can get to be 40-60' high by 20' wide. (Zones 2-6)

A beautiful, natural shaped, medium sized tree which grows to 30-40' tall, with dark bluish green needles. (Zones 2-6)

Easily adapted to colder climates, and is more shade tolerant than other firs. Does best when planted in association with Spruce trees in well drained soils. Can grow to 45-75' tall and 20-25' wide. (Zones 3-6)

The upward curving branches create a beautiful foliage for landscaping. This tree is better suited for the midwest and eastern areas. It prefers full sun, but will tolerate some shade. (Zones 3-7)

A favorite for Christmas tree growers and buyers. Prefers a moist well drained loam in sun or partial shade. Can reach 30 -40' in height by 20-25' width. (Zones 4-7)

Grows 40 -70' tall by 25 - 35' wide. Medium growth rate, excellent for screen or hedges. Full sun or partial shade. (Zones 3-7)

Age Size Unit Price 100 Unit Price 1000
2-2 9"-12" $1.20 $0.60
2-2 12"-18" $1.50 $0.75
2-2 18"-24" $1.80 $0.90
2-2 24"-30" $2.10 $1.05

*All trees sold in multiples of 25 only*


Medium to dark green needles. This Pine does well on exposed, dry, sandy soils, in full sun. It can grow up to 50' tall. (Zone 2)

One of the fastest growing landscape pines, which can grow up to 50-80' high by 30' wide. Light to bluish green needles. Easily transplanted because of the wide spreading root system. Grows well in moist, well drained soils. (Zones 3-8)

Age Size Unit Price 100 Unit Price 1000
2-0 4"-7" $0.38 $0.19
3-0 10"-15" $0.56 $0.28

Colorado Blue Spruce: *see description above.

Norway Spruce: *see description above.

White Spruce: *see description above.

Black Hills Spruce: *see description above.

A medium growing, short soft- needled ornamental tree. Prefers neutral or slightly acid, well drained moist soils. Will grow 12-15' over 10 years. A popular choice for the Christmas tree grower! (Zones 4-6)

Fraser Fir: *see description above.

Balsam Fir: *see description above.

Concolor Fir: *see description above.

Age Size Unit Price 100 Unit Price 1000
2-0 5"-10" $0.36 $0.18
2-0 10"-15" $0.44 $0.22

*All trees sold in multiples of 25 only*

Shiny bright green leaves above and light green color below. Great for hedges or accents in landscaping. Grows best in deep well drained soils and loves the sun. Very tolerant of pruning and once established can take considerable heat and drought. (Zones 2-8)

Age Size Unit Price 100 Unit Price 1000
3-0 6"-12" $0.84 $0.42
3-0 12"-18" $1.14 $0.57
3-0 18"-24" $1.44 $0.72

*All trees sold in multiples of 25 only*